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After four years of research and development, Hoet has launched the ‘Made in Belgium’ 3D laser-printed eyeglasses made of titanium. 
The 3D technology offers a number of unprecedented options in terms of design. In addition, this technology is eco-friendly – a feature that must not be overlooked. 
There is hardly any waste of raw materials, no need to keep excessive stock and the conscious consumer ultimately takes home a product that bears ecological, social and ethical responsibility.
The COUTURE  collection is modern and beautiful and comprises 19 models, each of them available in color natural or with a black or red copper PVD coating. Quality and comfort as always are the basic precepts.

The eyeglasses are rust-free and anti-allergic, light, yet durable and well-fitting. They are available in various lens and bridge sizes and are produced to order. Therefore they can be personalised with the name of your customer.

Conspicuously inconspicuous and inconspicuously conspicuous
Hoet Couture²
Mounted diamonds, a unique embroidery in gold or platinum thread, or 18 karat gold inlay makes every Hoet Couture frame even more refined. 

The combination of high-tech and the artisanship of the jeweler turns the frame itself into a jewel.
​In addition to the growing Cabrio collection in polyamide and the exclusive Hoet Couture collection in titanium, the 3D-printed eyeglasses that combine both materials are inevitable.
U1 and U2 are the primary models under the category of Hoet COSTUME.The temples and the basis are printed in black polyamide.
On top of that comes a front in titanium that can be matt or shiny finished.
As always, these frames have a classic shape (round and pantos), but they are innovated by the techniques applied and the choice of materials.
Hoet COSTUME U3 - U4 - U5 - U6
In these Hoet COSTUME models, the polyamide frame was given a refined pair of titanium 'eyebrows' with a structure that refers to naturally woven materials and with a matt finish.  

By opting for 3D printable materials, this collection supports an ecological business model that put a stop to overproduction and unsalable stock: production only starts after sale!

In other words, an eyewear frame for conscious people who do not want to compromise on aesthetics and comfort.

Hoet COSTUME U7 - U8 - U9 - U10
The latest Hoet COSTUME-models are again hybrid models.

This time the polyamide is combined with a titanium part that we offer for the first time in a hand-polished version.  
Local high-tech production and craftsmanship come together. 

Each model is available in combinations of two nose sizes with three lens sizes.